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Alumni account information after 2009

What is my Alumni Email for Life address?

Your Alumni Email for Life address will be: where 'username' was your Tulane University username.

When you send email from your Alumni Email for Life account, the ‘from’ email address will still indicate

What are the limits on Alumni Email for Life accounts?

The Alumni Email for Life mailbox is limited to 50 GB; once 45 GB are used, you will begin receiving warnings that your mailbox is reaching capacity.

Alumni Email for Life limits the total number of recipients that you can mail in one day to 10,000 recipients per day and the total number of messages that can be sent per minute to 30 messages per minute.

I'm trying to send an email and get an error message that I have too many recipients.

You are allowed 10,000 email recipients to whom you can send messages each day, and 500 recipients per message. If you are emailing a group of recipients on a regular basis, please create a distribution list for that group. By using a distribution list, that list counts as only a single recipient.

I'm trying to send an email and get an error message that I can no longer send.

There is a daily limit of 10,000 total recipients to whom you can email. If you have not already emailed 10,000 recipients, then it is possible that someone else has obtained your username and password and is using your account to spam others. Have you accidentally responded to a phishing email recently? Please change your password to ensure that no one else can use your account in the future. For instructions on changing your password please click here.

What is the naming convention for email addresses?

You get to keep your student email address for life. Therefore your email address is your

Tulane email addresses are created according to the name obtained from official employee or student records. The standard naming convention is:

First-initial + Last-name

If an address is already in use, the naming convention is changed to “First-initial + Last-name + number” to make it unique. Examples of this naming convention are,, and or,, and

How do I change the Time Zone in Alumni Email for Life?

Log in to Click Options. Select Settings, then Regional. The Current Time Zone is listed. Select the new one, click Save.