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Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services consists of the on-site, classroom, and faculty technology support teams. These teams provide a high level of support for instructional and research technologies, video conferencing, and faculty and staff technology support.

Academic Technology Support Services

AV Install Advisory Services:

  • Connect Tulane department with Tulane recommended AV vendor and participate in initial site survey
  • Provide customer with a self-service project checklist
  • Recommend Tulane AV and computer equipment standards
  • Assist client in reviewing AV and related proposals and provide feedback

Classroom Equipment Lending Services:

  • Respond to faculty requests for portable AV equipment to be delivered to classrooms
  • Schedule delivery of AV equipment and computer resources to be delivered by staff or student workers
  • Maintain and support classroom equipment lending inventory
  • Train faculty or TA's on use of video cameras, microphones, and other lending equipment as needed.

Classroom Support Services:

  • Rapid response technology support to faculty teaching in Uptown General Pool and SOM Classrooms
  • Monitor classroom Helpline and ServiceNow ticketing system for emergency and non-emergency requests
  • Maintain and support Extron Global Viewer Enterprise (GVE) classroom remote management system
  • Conduct proactive maintenance of classroom AV equipment and respond to automatic equipment alerts before they affect classes – minimizing classroom downtime
  • Evaluate and test new presentation technology to stay on top of industry trends

Enterprise Videoconferencing Services:

  • Maintain and support Tulane's videoconferencing infrastructure and TS videoconferencing room systems
  • Perform test calls with TS systems and other Tulane entities
  • Support Tulane's Zoom/BlueJeans videoconferencing instance
  • Perform proactive maintenance on TS videoconferencing room systems

Public Computing Services:

  • Support the student computer labs on Tulane's Uptown and School of Medicine Campuses
  • Procure, image, and deploy new computer equipment in TS labs
  • Perform periodic maintenance on the lab computers, including hardware maintenance, scripted installs of software updates and also software license renewals
  • Maintain and support the KACE software deployment and imaging system for TS lab and classroom computers. Build packages and computer images.
  • Support TS-operated classroom computers (lectern and student machines)
  • Promote Tulane computer equipment standards to other individual departments

Software Licensing Support Services:

  • Respond to software licensing tickets directly or escalate to the appropriate group
  • Build software install packages for customers requesting Adobe CC lab computer license
  • Provide Tier 2 support for software licensing issues escalated from TSNOC

Student Printing Services:

  • Maintain and support the back-end Pharos Print Management System, Print Release stations, and MobilePrint service
  • Provide first line of support for TS operated computer lab printers (restock paper, clear paper jams, etc.)
  • Act as a liaison between Tulane Document Services and Card Services for TS lab printer service issues

Student Worker Supervision Services:

  • Hire, train, supervise, and mentor student employees
  • Ensure student worker schedule is filled and service points are fully staffed
  • Review student time cards

TS Classroom Project Management Services:

  • Identify General Pool and School of Medicine classrooms to target for upgrades
  • Meet with AV vendors, Facility Services, and Network Services for site surveys of TS operated spaces
  • Review AV proposals and submit order requests
  • Schedule AV vendors once work is approved and payment paperwork is submitted

Other Advisory Services

  • Refer Tulane entities to 3rd party AV support vendors for special events, videotaping, and live streaming requests
  • Advise Tulane customers on print release station installs
  • Advise customers on videoconferencing room installs


Faculty Technology Support

Academic and Research Tools:

  • Deliver assessments via the LMS using Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor, this can be used for both in-person and online courses
  • WordPress web development platform can be used to create and maintain a unique online presence for individuals and groups/research projects/centers
  • Scan and score Scantron exams, includes item analysis with ReMark
  • Microsoft Office365 is a suite of collaboration tools including email, calendar, groups available anywhere with a network connection

Collaborative Learning

  • Spaces
  • Draw attention to your projected screen from anywhere in the room with Doceri, features can be used to highlight, annotate, and draw on the screen while capturing the session recording so it can be viewed later.
  • AirShare can be used to wirelessly connect your device and share your display with an audience; multiple devices can be shared at once
  • TurningPoint software captures immediate feedback from every student within the classroom to identify student comprehension, engage students, and enhance classroom participation via clickers or mobile devices.
  • Create, learn, collaborate, and communicate with the Surface Hub
  • Respond to faculty requests for portable AV equipment to be delivered

Faculty Support

  • Our instructional technology team collaborates with faculty, departments and schools to explore ways that instructional and informational technology can be used effectively to enhance learning and promote adoption of tools that support strategic initiatives.
  • Faculty 1:1 workshops and tutorials are available via in-person and remote sessions.
  • Canvas LMS is an open source, mobile-friendly learning platform that can be used to deliver course content.
  • Our direct partnership with CELT fosters dialogue and innovation with university stakeholders through events like Brown Bag workshops and new faculty orientation fair.

Media Capture and Creation

  • One Button Studio is a streamlined video recording studio available to users who have little to no prior experience producing video content
  • iPad camera kits make it incredibly easy to capture and download video and photo content to be used with interview scenarios and other related projects
  • Digital storytelling accentuates skills in writing, digital media production, and design and can be a powerful instructional tool for both students and faculty embedded into assignments; we offer workshops to classes in preparation for class projects using tools like Adobe Premiere
  • ShareStream video platform provides media management and secure video streaming services with closed-captioning that can be used not only to store and stream your content, but can also be integrated within Canvas assignments to capture student video submissions.

Online Learning

  • YuJa active learning platform is easily used to curate video-based instructional content, lecture capture and mobile-friendly tools.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro can be used by anyone to edit video or make a movie from scratch. This is widely used in digital storytelling workshops and can be partnered easily with other Adobe Creative Cloud tools.
  • Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate tools can be used to transform your PowerPoint slides and lectures into interactive eLearning content through embedded quizzes, assets and SCORM modules.


3D Printer/Scanner

Replicate objects, create prototypes and develop 3D imaging projects. We administer this product and provide training, support, maintenance and replenish supplies.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Access to the entire collection of Adobe desktop and mobile apps that can be used across disciplines and multiple academic projects. Examples include: Digital storytelling using Adobe Premiere; design and plan video projects/assignments; Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter/Presenter Express used to create videos and interactive material; Adobe Illustrator, Media Encoder and Audition; Spark Workshops. We providing training and support for using the products.

Blackboard LMS

Former LMS; We administer and currently use to assist with 1:1 content migrations.

Box Cloud

Cloud-based file storage, sharing and collaboration tool. We provide training on Box sync, Box for Office and Box edit; including file storage and collaboration best practices related to department box resources accounts, sharing permissions and planned migration of content to Box and liaison with TS-Box Admin on advanced user issues.

Bridge (Instructure)

Employee performance management tool used to offer faculty/staff/HR/Training Wave and other non-academic training and certification courses. We administer FTL sub-account within Bridge and liaison with TS-Security Team (administrators).

Canvas LMS (Instructure)

Learning Management System (LMS); connects courseware and digital tools/resources instructors use in one-easy-to-access location for students. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Catalog (Instructure)

Course publishing and training registration tool used to promote and manage Training program registration and feedback. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Digital Textbook Content

Textbook publishers provide digital textbook content and interactive graded content via integrations within the LMS. Publishers include: MyLab and Mastering/Pearson, McGrawHill Connect, Cengage and Wiley. We facilitate the LMS integration and provide troubleshooting and training for issues within our environment. .


Interactive whiteboard for the iPad, also combines screencasting and desktop remote control. We provide training and troubleshooting.

Blackboard Collaborate Browser-based video and web conferencing tool can be used within Canvas courses and as a standalone tool, includes whiteboarding and annotating, recorded sessions and collaboration. We administer this product and provide training and support.


Browser- and app-based video conferencing tool. We provide training. Drupal Content Management System used to develop University's primary website presence. We provide training for content editors.


Digital credentialing development and tracking tool used to showcase user achievements and badging. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Epson large format printer

Creates professional quality poster, banners, and large-format printed material. We administer this product and provide training, support, maintenance and replenish supplies.

Web resource guide for Academic technology tools and users who have questions; includes BIA subsite. website support faculty in adopting technologies that advance teaching and learning. Weather it's to learn about the new approaches to delivering an online assessment or to consult about an innovative technology, faculty can find valuable information on The site is designed with all Tulane constituents (Faculty, Students, Staff) in mind who are searching for information to resolve or find answers to their particular issue/instance. We curate content and manage/edit this site.


Learning resource tool that provides instructional content users can access via podcast. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Microsoft Surface Hub

Multi-touch collaboration device using onboard camera and mic to collaborate in person or remotely and also provides Office365 functionality. We provide training and setup assistance.

One Button Studio

Easy-to-use digital video production studio that captures and produce video without prior knowledge of video production tools. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Project-Based Collaborations

Planned participation with a department, school or group to facilitate deployment of one of the academic tools for a specific identified use-case. Examples include: Tunica Games testing; Grade Pass-Back tool; UDL/Accessibility at Tulane including Hiroku app development; Sub-Account Admin training related to BluePrint courses and other tools; Noodle course development; Mediasite development.


Robust research and data collection tool used for surveys, polls and feedback in multiple use-cases. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Custom browser that locks down the testing environment and monitors student activity within an online exam providing a proctored exam environment. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Scantron Scanner

Optical scanning and data recognition tool used to scan exam answer sheets (bubble sheets) and provide robust data and reporting through the ReMark software. We administer this product and provide training and support.


Video Platform for Education; secure media streaming and sharing platform for audio/video files; can be used within Canvas assignments or as a standalone streaming tool; includes captioning and archiving. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Turning Technologies (Turning Point)

Audience feedback and response using Turning Point software with clickers and/or mobile devices via ResponseWare. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Turnitin Feedback Studio

Originality and plagiarism detection tool, can be used within Canvas assignments or as a standalone feedback tool. We administer this product and provide training and support.


Plagiarism detection tool that detects same or similar content can be used with Canvas assignments. Pilot phase. We administer this product and provide training and support.

Videoconferencing Tools:

  • Bb Collaborate
  • Zoom
  • BlueJeans
  • Lecture capture/room capture tools

Watson (IBM BlueMix)

Artificial intelligence platform that provides natural language processing integrated within ShareStream for captioning. We administer this product (and provide training and support.)


Website hosting and development tool for faculty, individuals, centers, and groups to publicly display their work and interests beyond the departmental website in a secure environment. We administer this product and provide training and support.


Cloud-based enterprise video platform enabling lecture capture, live streaming, synchronous video classrooms and video management and distribution, includes captioning. We administer this product and provide training and support.


Browser-and app-based video and web conferencing tool can be used within Canvas courses and as a standalone tool, includes annotating, recorded sessions, and collaboration. We provide training for this tool.


Knowledge Base and Service Catalog

Manage the Knowledge Base, a searchable database of help and support articles, and maintain the Service Catalog. These services provide anytime/anywhere self-service support for the Tulane community.


Onsite Support Services

Application Support and Troubleshooting

Assist with the support of all Tulane software applications such as Office 365, email, Tulane Administrative Systems, etc. Including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Email
  • Tulane administrative systems

Computer Troubleshooting and Service

Provide technical support for Tulane owned computers in various ways including data backup and HD replacement, adding RAM, replacing accessories etc. Including but not limited to:

  • Hard Drives
  • Memory increases
  • Power supplies
  • CD/DVD/CDRW/Media Devices

Departmental Account email password resets

Manage password resets for departmental email accounts using an Office365 portal.

Desktop and Laptop Support for Mac and PC

Provide Tulane Community with advice on initial computer purchase and initial set-up including imaging, domain join and encryption.

  • Add Software
  • Encrypt
  • Domain Join

Duo Two-Factor setup and support

Help customers set up Duo on their phones.

Informal Training

Assist Tulane users with basic training on specific applications when requested. This is usually in the form of "How-To" as it relates to technology related questions across all campuses.

Lab and Classroom Support for SOPA

All Computer Labs and Classrooms within the School of Professional Advancement on the Elmwood and Biloxi campuses are supported by TS staff

Medical School Testing Periods

Medical School tests their students using online testing using either Examsoft or NBME software. Onsite supports the students since they use their personal computers for testing.

Mobile Device Support

Support both iOS and Android phones and tablets on the Tulane Network

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Phones and Devices

Printer Configuration

Connect Tulane users to office network printers. Primary support for Xerox model printers

  • MAC registration
  • IP Address
  • SMTP registration for Scan to email

Special Event Support

Provide Technical Support for ongoing special events that are critical to Administration priorities.

  • HR Kronos training support
  • HR health benefit enrollment sessions
  • Tulane Board of Administrators
  • New student Orientation
  • Tech Day