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Guidelines for Acceptable Use

1  Overview This document spells out specific rules on prohibited activities when using Tulane University's network and computing resources. These specific rules are defined by the Information Security Office to serve as a guide to the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). This list of prohibited activities or behaviors are not exhaustive and the AUP remains the primary document for acceptable use of Tulane University network and computing resources. Please contact the Information Security Officer ( if you require more information.  

2  Specific Rules The following activities and behaviors are prohibited:  

2.1  Unauthorized access

  • Attempting to gain access to or using any restricted computing, network, academic or business resources beyond your level of authorization
  • Gaining access to and attempting to use computer accounts and passwords of others
  • Misrepresentation of your identity when you send an electronic communication
  • Making the University's computing resources available to others outside the University community without the approval of authorized University officials
  • Compromising or attempting to compromise the privacy of communication

2.2  Unauthorized Operations

  • Unauthorized scanning of networks
  • Altering or attempting to alter files or system configurations without approval
  • Creating unauthorized network connections and extensions
  • Disrupting the use of network or information resources
  • Destroying the integrity of stored information
  • Performing activities that result in the wasting of human and information system resources
  • Failing to comply with requests from appropriate University authorities to stop activities that are harmful to the security of University information systems
  • Causing damage to computing resources as a result of negligent behavior

3  Other Relevant University Policies

  • The use of computing resources should comply with the Code of Student Conduct and any applicable policies and regulations of the University's schools and departments.