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Guidelines for Network Use

1  Overview

As outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), you are given access to Tulane's network resources to help you meet your academic and administrative goals in support of the University's mission. Any use of the University's network resources should not in any way hinder the achievement of the University's mission. The following guidelines are designed to provide guidance to the University community on acceptable use of network resources. These guidelines are not exhaustive and serve as a complement to the AUP and the Guidelines for Acceptable Use. Please contact the Information Security Officer ( if you require more information.

2  Specific Rules

  • Only access points approved by Technology Services or designees are permitted on the Tulane University network. Currently, only access points managed by Tulane Technology Services are approved for use.
  • All wireless access points are to be installed and configured by Technology Services personnel or designees and must comply with all security features of the wireless network, including restrictions to provide connections only to those wireless Ethernet cards whose MAC address has been registered with Technology Services with authentication by the University authentication server.The University reserves the right to remove any access point not installed or configured by Technology Services personnel.
  • No access points are to be installed on the Tulane University network without the express permission of Technology Services or designees. Users may not extend or modify the network in any way by installing devices such as repeaters, bridges, switches, routers, gateways, wireless access points, or permanent hubs. These devices extend a single network connection into additional unmanaged connection points and are thus prohibited unless specific permission has been obtained from Technology Services.
  • Users must use network services provided by Technology Services, or its designees, and not attempt to provision network services such as IP address assignment (i.e., DHCP servers), DNS, or other management services.

3  Enforcement

Any piece of equipment that is found in violation of these guidelines may be subject to immediate disconnection from the network and the owner/operator may be held liable for an infraction of the Acceptable Use Policy and any other applicable University rules and regulations.