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Supported Print Locations

Technology Services supports student printing in the following locations:

  • Boggs Technology Commons (Uptown)
  • Howard-Tilton Memorial Library (Uptown) b/w and color
  • Willow Technology Commons (Uptown) b/w and color

Costs are 10¢ per page b/w, 70¢ color (single sheet or duplex)

Some schools and departments support student printing as well:

  • A.B. Freeman School of Business (Uptown)
  • Matas Medical Library- 2nd floor, Hutchinson Building (Downtown)
  • Newcomb-Tulane College - Cudd Hall (Uptown)
  • Newcomb Language Learning Lab - 4th floor, Newcomb Hall (Uptown)
  • School of Architecture - Richardson Memorial (Uptown)
  • School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine - Tidewater (Downtown)
  • Wall Residential College (uptown)

Costs at these locations are set by the school or department.

Wireless Printing

With the wireless printing service, Tulane users can send print jobs directly from their laptop to certain public black & white or color printers on campus.  Currently, the service is available in the Howard-Tilton Library and in the Wall Residential College. Other wireless printing locations will be added over time.  Wireless print jobs show up on the printer release stations like any other print job, and may be selected for printing using your Tulane Splash Card, just as you normally do.  There is no additional cost for this service.

To enable wireless printing, you must download the required drivers for your computer and operating system, and for the location(s) where you wish to print. You can enable printing at all available wireless print locations, but you must download and install the print drivers for each location separately

Please note that wireless printing is only available at the locations noted below.

Getting started with wireless printing

Select the location where you wish to print, and the driver package for your computer and operating system.  You can download and install the drivers for as many of the print locations as you like.

Howard-Tilton Library - all public black & white and color printers

Wall Residential College - all public black & white printers

Once downloaded, launch the printer package to install. Installation is automatic and will require no additional choices or input from the user.

When you are ready to print your document, print normally and select the printer you would like to print to.

You will be asked to enter a name for the print job and your Tulane user ID. These are necessary so you can identify your print job on the print release station.

The wireless print service will also check periodically to make sure that you have the latest wireless print drivers. You will see occasional notices indicating that the system is checking your drivers and updating them if necessary.

Wireless print support

For help setting up or operating the wireless print service visit the Technology Desk on the first floor of the Howard-Tilton Library.

Please send any comments or questions about wireless printing to