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Privacy in Alumni Email for Life

I'm concerned with privacy; what steps can I take to ensure my privacy?

Tulane Address Book:

  • Your name and email address will be displayed in the Tulane Exchange Global Address List (GAL) and will be searchable via the 'Contacts' tab on the Tulane website.

The optional Live@TU SkyDrive:

  • To utilize any of the optional Live@TU features available with your email account, you will have to provide the year of your birth.
  • Documents stored in the 'My Documents' folder of your SkyDrive are not shared; any documents stored in the public folder can be accessed by anyone who knows your email address.
  • You should set the permissions on your SkyDrive folders to reflect the level of privacy you desire before you store documents on your SkyDrive.

The Social Network:

  • Anyone who knows your email address can invite you to their network and can view any information that you've stored in public folders or configured with permissions set to 'Public.'
  • Anyone within your network can view any information that you've included with permissions set to 'My Network.'
  • Please note that once you enter a name for your profile, the default settings are such that your name will be publicly searchable.
  • If you do not plan to participate in the social network, do not enter a name for your profile.
  • You may want to configure the permissions on the various features of the social network to protect your privacy.
  • Please note that the default permissions for several of the features are set for public viewing.

To access these portions:

  • Login to your Live@TU account
  • Click on Profile
  • Once your profile loads, click on Permissions. This will list various permissions for your account.
  • The permissions for your social profile are located all under the Profile details (which include Name, Contact Info, Profile Picture, About You, Your Network, Personal Message, Social, Favorite Things, Work Info, and Education Information).
  • You will have to change the privacy setting on each portion.

For an example, if you wanted to change the privacy level on About You, click on Permission located next to About You. This will ask you which privacy level you want to have on the About You Section.

  • Everyone (Public): This level of privacy is wide open. Selecting this option will allow the particular portion of your social profile to be viewable by everyone, regardless if you have accepted them as friends or not.
  • My Network: This level of privacy is for friends only. Selecting this option will allow only your approved friends to view this information on your social profile.
  • My Extended Network: This level of privacy is for friends of friends. Selecting this option will allow one of your approved friends' friend to view your profile.
  • After selecting which level of privacy you want for that portion, click Save.